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With Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur

International Award Winning Sales Trainer & Marketing Manager and Founder of Kendall Bailey, Kendall Bailey Education & Kendall Bailey Acquisitions, a group of £million property companies based in the UK

International Award Winning Sales Trainer & Marketing Manager and Founder of Kendall Bailey, Kendall Bailey Education & Kendall Bailey Acquisitions, a group of £million property companies based in the UK


The Self Mastery Programme

Over the course of 15 years, whilst training 1000’s of individuals & CEOs in various sectors around the world, it became crystal-clear that the predominant issue that was stopping them from achieving their full potential wasn’t their business model, their financial situation, the current market, or their niche. It wasn’t even their intelligence, background, or lack of resources.

It came down to their lack of Self Mastery. Every. Single. Time.

Their success was dependent on their self-belief & self-confidence, their ability to deal with challenges, manage others powerfully, master consistency-and most of all–their ability to regulate & manage their emotions & themselves effectively when it was needed the most. It also came down to the deep clarity on what it is that they wanted to achieve in life and why and ensuring that their vision and goals were aligned with their authentic truth and power.

So now, after 15 years in the making, the time has come to share this Mastery with the world.

Not just within the world of sales & property investment, but with Leaders & CEOs everywhere. If you desire to Master anything in life, you must first come to learn how to Master yourself.

Welcome to Self-Mastery.

Coaching Options…

Online Course

An 8-week Intensive Online (pre-recorded) Course, with one hour of Live Group Coaching each week for questions to be answered and the embodiment of the work to be deepened across the 8 weeks.

£2,500 – COMING MARCH 2023

Weekly Graduates Masterclasses

This will be followed by an ongoing VIP membership to our Graduate Weekly Live
Group Coaching calls for individuals to practice and deepen the work.

£250 per month

VIP 1:1 Clients

This option is for individuals who wish to work through the course 1:1. This option is a 12-week Programme. The client will follow the 8-week structure; however, there are also some sessions that are especially for diving deeper into specific topics for a more personal approach to the 8 weeks of Online Self Mastery.


Is this Programme for you? …

This programme is perfect for you if you would love to experience self-mastery at the deepest possible level whilst being more fulfilled within your day – to – day life.

Are you…

Experiencing a range of challenges daily that impact your levels of productivity, optimal mental, physical & emotional health, and fulfilment, as well as potentially impacting the people around you, your happiness levels and your feelings of accomplishment and power?
Aware that you want more but can’t quite seem to get there? Do you feel frustrated, knowing that you’re worth more, however you keep ending up in the same place or are experiencing feelings of being unfulfilled or underwhelmed?
Experiencing levels of self – doubt, overwhelm, stress, frustration, annoyance, impatience, feeling unorganised, helpless, stuck in a rut or feeling like you’re wasting time or like you’re not getting anywhere fast at all?
Happy & content in life, and would love to take one specific area or multiple areas of your life to the next level?

This Programme will give you the tools, techniques, and a deeper understanding of emotions and how to manage and master both your emotions and yourself. It will give you everything you need to transcend your current level of overwhelm, stress or frustration and to take all areas of your life to the next level. Our Graduates experience a dramatic increase in fulfilment, power, accomplishment, health, an d happiness, to name a few.


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