Katrina’s 1-hour Rent to Rent Online Introduction Video

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Catherine Turner

A couple of things I know I really need to work on are focusing, as we went through a lot of that and about how they take on the action. Time management as well, like the little things that just help Kat and Alex do things and get things done.

Suz Mullen

It was really lovely to be coached on everything from how to manage your finances, to setting your goals and leveraging your time! The day was relaxed and the group was small and personal. I left feeling motivated and believing that anything is possible if you take the correct action steps!


Following an absolutely fantastic day, I’ve read through the R2R bible again and am absolutely buzzing; I can’t wait to get cracking and create a R2R empire!The course content was truly comprehensive and, under many teachers, could have very easily been overwhelming. Your engaging style and ability to explain complex concepts in an accessible way made the whole day a complete joy and I feel fully equipped to get started immediately.


Katrina's Kendall Bailey R2R Academy Day is THE training to do if you want to get started in R2R, everything was explained so well, and gives you the perfect manual to follow! As well as that, Katrina shares real hand's on experience, so you don't feel stuck when trying to implement it all on returning home! As an added bonus, the trainings in the perfect setting, and in a group size!