The UK’s Most Comprehensive, In-Depth & Results Driven Rent to Rent Course

No other rent to rent training can boast a 100% success rate   for people who have fully committed to this  strategy – going on to generate incredible rent to rent incomes

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Develop the Mindset and Master the Tools to Guarantee Results with Rent to Rent

Anyone can make a success out of a rent to rent business, provided you develop the one essential skills that separates the winners from rest of the pack.

Of course, I’m talking about mindset, confidence and self-belief,  which is where my course really excels.

You’ll not only access the blueprint for one of the UK’s top £1m plus rent to rent business, which has been running for 7 years and is still growing successfully today. 

But you’ll also develop the understanding, insight and resilience you need to negotiate, sell and open up opportunities that will benefit both you and everyone you work with…

I understand how tough it is to develop the right business attitude – even when you have the tools for a rent to rent success story. 

That’s why at every stage of my training I give you my own, personal learnings that turned me from an enthusiastic novice into a rent to rent superstar. 

If I can do it. Then guess what – you most definitely can too..

What would life be like…

If you could very run your own rent to rent business?

If you could walk a proven pathway that had already created success for determined individuals like you?

If you could overcome the barriers to selling that have previously held you back?

If you could have a business that gives you passive income whilst you live the life you want?

If you could have a business where your risk was spread over several assets rather than one big opportunity?

Let me introduce you to my fully comprehensive Rent to Rent Masterclass

I built the Rent to Rent Masterclass to give you absolutely everything you need to develop your own successful and profitable business. 

And you’ll be able to access the most complete, comprehensive course ever created by an industry expert… 

Best of all this course gives you everything. I promise that there’s no upsell at the end, no missing piece, no retreat in Bali or additional one to one coaching required. This course delivers absolutely everything you need to follow in my footsteps. 

And I’ve worked in some of the most competitive sales environments on the planet, running target driven teams in Australia for 5 years where I consistently built year on year success. You will get the mindset, techniques and strategies that I used to turn every single one of my rent to rent students into a determined business closer. 

More than just another property course…

Progress with my Rent to Rent masterclass at your own speed. Work through personal sessions where you can speak directly with myself or Mathew (who closes all of our deals daily)..., where I promise to give you my best insight to help you overcome any challenges you face. Because I run this course. 

Whilst other courses out there give you a blend of property strategies or suggest using rent to rent to accompany other activities we have a single focus. I believe it’s my commitment to client success that has made me such a success in this sector, and the same approach and attitude is the same key to your achievement.   


What would life be like…

You’ll be fast tracked to success with my video learning classes that are accompanied by all the course materials you need – this is the exact business in a box course that I’ve delivered over and over again at my two day intensive training weekend over the last 5 years. It’s been polished into a success machine that leaves no man or woman behind.

Module One:
 Rent to Rent Basics

Module Two:
Finding Properties & Clients

Module Three:
Deals, Negotiation and Sales

Choose your own financial and personal goals to drive your success

 Lay the foundations of your own
unbreakable winning mindset

Understand the rules and regulations of the rent to rent industry 

How to find your own goldmine area that pays again and again

Negotiate with Landlords so that they never, ever want to leave you

Explore models and techniques to source and develop properties

Get my proven deal making playbook that I use every day of my life 

Never, ever pay a deposit for your property and get the 1st month rent free 

Negotiate all your rent to rents with a 100% success rate 

Module Four:
Refurbish for Success

Use refurbishment as leverage – the best deals for your pocket 

Find high-end tenants who will pay above market rentals 

Never ever put a penny of your own money into your refurbs 

Module Five:
Tracking Down Tenants

Finding, selling and closing the ideal tenants for your property  

The simple way to streamline viewings and applications

Ensure you never have to deal with a non-paying tenant 

Module Six:
Management Mastery

Absolutely everything to cover risks – assessments and insurance

My leave nothing to chance checklist for tax, policies and legislation

   Understand planning, licensing and mortgage implications fully 

Effectively manage and predict cashflow for no sleepless nights 

The software that makes your accounts quick and simple

 Managing your money and more importantly – maximising profit 

Module Seven:
Keep Your Cashflow Cool

Module Eight:
Tools and Checklists

My complete set of checklists, tools and systems – make your life easy

 How to get extra support and information without extra costs

 Beyond the business – my best advice for finding a work-life balance 

And My Personal
Rent to Rent Handbook

Get the reference you need when you’re out on the road, going into a tenant meeting or about to negotiate with a landlord – with my personal Rent to Rent bible. 

It contains over 100 pages of stacked information that covers everything that’s on my course. You know how some trainers simply give you a manual full of PowerPoint slides? Well this is completely different. It contains the content of my course almost word for word. 

Whether you want to prepare before a landlord or agent meeting, take a refresher when you’re on the sofa late at night or use one of the checklists to ensure everything is in place for your success – this will get you there.

You Can Join the Tribe

One thing you’ll know about me is that I believe in value.

So to top off this already amazing offer I’m going to give you access my full Rent-to-Rent live weekend Masterclass. Completely free. 

It’s exactly what you need to break through any barriers you may have and start making those high four to five figure incomes for yourself on a monthly basis – whilst you spend only around 30-60 minutes per week on your business (if you choose too build a team to support you).

You’ll get to meet with myself and my trainers – and feel the energy, ambition and motivation that are an essential part of making your rent to rent journey into everything you want it to be. Normally I charge over £1,200 for this opportunity – but this is your chance to get it as part of an amazing offer. 

But most importantly…

50% of my course is about developing the tools and techniques for success – and 50% about building your confidence and mindset.

At every stage I’ll give you the bulletproof techniques, understandings and insights that will help you overcome every challenge that comes your way.

 Once you have my mindset strategies to help you out – you’ll not only be able to handle a negative, you’ll understand how to simply and effortlessly turn it into a positive win.



Learn the Easy Way with My Online Course

Why is my entirely web-based Rent to Rent Masterclass the best way for you to develop your own business?

• No need to spend money on travel arrangements or hotels 

• You can work on your own time without compromise 

• Information is provided in quick and easy learning modules

• Return to any module as many times as needed 

• Watch any section even when the course is finished 

• Once you have the course, it's yours forever!

What’s the Cost of the Rent to Rent Masterclass?

All of this course is available for one single flat cost. No hidden extras, no subscriptions or annual charges. Why? Because I’m committed to seeing you get the business you want… You receive the following:

The FULL online Rent to Rent Course 
(normal price £1497 + VAT) 

My ENTIRE 100 page manual
(normal price £497 + VAT) 

Rent to Rent Weekender    
(normal price £1497 + VAT) 

AND a 30 minute consultation with Katrina to finish your studies in style        
(normal price £149 + VAT)

You will receive all the above 
worth £3640 + VAT 

For a one time price of 
£1,197.00 (+ VAT)

 This special introductory offer is available to you for the next 36 hours – once this time is over all products will revert to full price 

The Proof of My Process

Work with me and you’ll know I’m all about the numbers. Because there’s no better way of judging success. 

So I’m proud to say this is the only rent to rent course in the country where 100% of every individual that’s fully committed has gone on to achieve a successful rent to rent income.

And the amount of monthly revenue achieved on average is £800 with a minimum deal size of £600. lThis course represents an investment in more than your future and finances. 

This is an investment in you.

I want a business in a box – sign me up for the Rent to Rent Online Masterclass NOW



Blake House, 2a St Martin’s Lane, York, YO1 6LN

Katrina is the Founder of Kendall Bailey, Kendall Bailey Education and Project Inspire.

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