Katrinas background

About Kats history.

Katrina is the Founder of Kendall Bailey, Kendall Bailey Education and Project Inspire.  Katrina was born in South London, before moving to Kent later on in life and leaving the UK to travel at 19.
Katrina’s passion for business and personal development began at the age of 19, when she made the decision to sell her car, quit her job, change her name and book a one-way ticket around the world with her life savings of £2,000.

5 years earlier, Katrina was suffering from extreme anxiety and a crippling social phobia.  Her anxiety began at the age 15, and with each year that passed it only worsened.  She struggled to spend time with groups of people and on many occasions, couldn’t leave home. 4 years in, Katrina even struggled with one on one interaction.

What happened next?

What was next for Katrina?

At the age of 19, Katrina’s Mum purchased her a cassette tape called overcoming fears & phobias (www.no-panic.org) and overnight, nothing short of a miracle occurred.  After listening to the cassette tape just once, her anxiety disappeared.  For the first time in 5 years, she was free.  She knew if one cassette tape could transform life overnight as if by magic, then surely anything was possible.

It was then that she made her decision to leave the UK to see what else she could achieve.

Katrina flew to Mallorca on a one way ticket with the plan to stay for 6 weeks, however ended up staying for 6 months.  From there, she ventured through Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali and the Gili Islands, before arriving in Melbourne.  She loved Melbourne so much she stayed for a further 5 years, and from 2007 – 2012 she excelled in her career, becoming an International Award Winning Sales & Marketing Manager, establishing three extremely successful Sales and Marketing offices.

Katrina loves to motivate, educate, and inspire others – and she now enjoys the opportunity to transfer those skills into helping people create time & financial freedom through property investment.

Katrina founded her first company (Kendall Bailey) in 2012, and became financially & time free using the Rent To Rent strategy within 6 months. Kendall Bailey, Kendall Bailey Education and Katrina’s personal property portfolio are now a million-pound group of companies. 

Katrina won the Progressive Property VIP Investors of the Year award, and shortly after, Founded Kendall Bailey Education.  In 2016, she went onto Found Project Inspire.  Katrina is regularly interviewed for podcasts, magazines, companies and books, and has gone onto win numerous other awards for her achievements and increasing success.
Katrina welcomes you to her website and hopes that within these pages, there is something that can be of contribution or make a difference to you on your journey as an entrepreneur.

Niki Torbett

I was inspired in so many ways by Kat, her story and her boundless energy. All of this, on top of the fantastic business model presented and her abundant generosity in really wanting to share that with others. If you are dilly-dallying about whether you need this education, then you absolutely do. I can't recommend it highly enough

Chris Bean

Katrina is totally unaware that she has made me money by increasing my rents. I managed to gain an extra £30 per month which equates to £360 per annum - multiply this by 20 rooms & you can see how fantastic Katrina's teachings are! I can thoroughly recommend anyone interested in making money through property … to book as soon as they can with Kendall Bailey

Tom Boreland

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Katrina if you would like to start making really positive changes to your life, and build a successful and sustainable rent to rent business. Katrina has been incredibly helpful and instrumental in helping me start my rent to rent business from the grass roots up.


Following an absolutely fantastic day, I’ve read through the R2R bible again and am absolutely buzzing; I can’t wait to get cracking and create a R2R empire!The course content was truly comprehensive and, under many teachers, could have very easily been overwhelming. Your engaging style and ability to explain complex concepts in an accessible way made the whole day a complete joy and I feel fully equipped to get started immediately.


Katrina's Kendall Bailey R2R Academy Day is THE training to do if you want to get started in R2R, everything was explained so well, and gives you the perfect manual to follow! As well as that, Katrina shares real hand's on experience, so you don't feel stuck when trying to implement it all on returning home! As an added bonus, the trainings in the perfect setting, and in a group size!